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Annual Inspection and Maintenance of Fall Protection PPE

At Quantum Safety Network, we understand the critical role fall protection equipment plays in keeping your workers safe. That's why we offer comprehensive annual inspections and maintenance services specifically for Haru and P+P Safety branded fall protection PPE, ensuring compliance with Singapore's Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) guidelines.

Here's what you can expect during our annual inspection process:

Thorough Visual Examination:

    • Harnesses: We'll meticulously inspect all webbing, buckles, D-rings, and stitching for signs of wear, cuts, fraying, or UV damage. We'll also check for proper functioning of buckles and leg loops.
    • Self-Retracting Lanyards (SRLs) and Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs): We'll closely examine the housing, webbing or steel wire rope, and braking mechanisms for any damage, rust or signs of malfunction. We'll also ensure proper operation of the locking mechanism and test the functionality of the lifeline extension.
    • Lanyards: We'll inspect the webbing for cuts, fraying, or burns. We'll also check for any damage to the connectors and gates.

Detailed Documentation:

    • We'll document the inspection findings for each piece of PPE, including the brand, model, and any identified defects.
    • We'll compare the condition of the equipment against the WSH guidelines and manufacturer's specifications.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

    • We'll clean the PPE according to the manufacturer's instructions, removing dirt, debris, and any contaminants that could affect its performance.

Repair or Replacement:

    • If we identify any damage exceeding WSH guidelines or manufacturer's recommendations, we'll advise on necessary repairs or replacements.
    • We can also provide replacement parts for Haru and P+P Safety equipment, ensuring your workers have fully functional PPE.

Competent Person:

Our inspections are conducted by a certified by trained and competent personnel with extensive knowledge of fall protection equipment, WSH guidelines, and manufacturer specifications. This ensures a thorough and reliable assessment of your PPE.

Reporting and Certification:

    • Upon completion, we'll provide a detailed inspection report outlining the findings, recommendations, and any actions taken.
    • We'll also issue a certificate of inspection for each piece of PPE that has passed the inspection.

Benefits of Our Service:

    • Enhanced Worker Safety: Regular inspections ensure your fall protection equipment is in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of failure during a fall.
    • WSH Compliance: Our service helps you demonstrate adherence to Singapore's WSH guidelines for fall protection equipment.
    • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Proper maintenance practices can significantly extend the lifespan of your fall protection PPE.
    • Peace of Mind: Our detailed reports and certifications give you peace of mind knowing your workers are protected by reliable equipment.

Contact us today to schedule your annual fall protection PPE inspection and ensure the safety of your workers at height.

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