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Shop By Industry - Semiconductor

Our curated selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) caters specifically to the stringent needs of the semiconductor industry in Singapore.

Find everything your team needs to maintain a contaminant-free environment and worker safety:

  • Cleanroom garments: Anti-static smocks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, and cleanroom gloves to minimize particle shedding and contamination.
  • Safety glasses and goggles: Chemical splash and impact resistant options with anti-fog coating for clear vision in the cleanroom environment.
  • Respiratory protection: Low-linting N95 respirators or Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) for protection against airborne particles and chemicals used in etching and other processes.
  • Chemical-resistant gloves: Variety of options like nitrile, butyl, and neoprene for handling hazardous chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication.
  • Ear protection: Ear plugs or muffs to minimize noise exposure from equipment.