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Shop By Industry - Marine & Offshore

Our curated selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) caters specifically to the demanding and unforgiving environment of the marine and offshore industry in Singapore. From leading companies to smaller rig operators and crew on cargo ships, Safety Solutions Singapore equips you to conquer the waves, prioritizing safety at every turn.

Find everything your crew needs to stay safe on the job:

  • High-visibility clothing: Durable, floatable coveralls, vests, and jackets for maximum worker visibility in low-light conditions and emergencies.
  • Life jackets and immersion suits: Approved and certified options for personal flotation and protection against hypothermia.
  • Head protection: Hard hats with chin straps for protection from falling objects and impacts.
  • Safety footwear: Slip-resistant and steel-toe boots with good ankle support for secure footing on wet and uneven surfaces.
  • Chemical-resistant gloves: Nitrile or neoprene for handling various chemicals and fuels used onboard vessels.
  • Eye protection: Safety glasses and goggles to shield eyes from wind, spray, and flying debris.