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SCBA Maintenance and Servicing

At Quantum Safety, we prioritize the safety of your confined space workers by working with certified partners to provide a comprehensive annual inspection, maintenance, air refill, and leak testing service for Draeger and Honeywell Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs), ensuring compliance with Singapore's Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) guidelines.

Our certified technicians follow a meticulous process to guarantee your SCBAs function flawlessly in an emergency:

Detailed Inspection:

    • Visual Examination: We'll thoroughly inspect all SCBA components for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion, including the cylinders, pressure gauges, valves, regulators, harnesses, and facemasks.
    • Functional Testing: We'll perform a battery of functional tests to ensure proper operation of all critical SCBA systems. This includes:
        • Airflow Test: We'll verify sufficient airflow delivery at various pressures.
        • Leakage Test: We'll meticulously check for any leaks in the breathing circuit using specialized equipment. This includes a dedicated breathing tank leak test to ensure the integrity of the air cylinders.
        • Alarm Testing: We'll ensure all audible and visual low-air and high-pressure alarms function correctly.
        • Pressure Relief Valve Testing: We'll verify the proper functioning of the pressure relief valve, a critical safety feature.

Cleaning and Disinfection:

    • We'll meticulously clean and disinfect all SCBA components according to manufacturer's instructions and WSH guidelines. This eliminates contaminants that could pose health risks during SCBA use.

Air Refill:

    • We'll refill your SCBA cylinders with clean, dry, breathing air that meets Grade D breathing air quality standards set by OSHA (or equivalent Singapore standard). This ensures your workers have a reliable and safe air supply during emergencies.

Recordkeeping and Certification:

    • We'll maintain detailed records of the inspection findings, including any identified defects, corrective actions taken, air refill details, and leak test results.
    • Upon successful completion, we'll issue a certificate of inspection for each SCBA, documenting its compliance with WSH regulations.

Replacement Parts and Repairs:

    • Our team can replace any worn or faulty parts with genuine Draeger or Honeywell parts, ensuring optimal performance and worker safety.
    • If repairs are necessary, we have the expertise and authorized technicians to conduct them according to manufacturer specifications.

Benefits of Our SCBA Inspection and Refill Service:

    • Enhanced Worker Safety: Regular inspections, air refills, and dedicated leak testing guarantee your SCBAs function flawlessly in an emergency, safeguarding your confined space workers.
    • WSH Compliance: Our service helps you demonstrate adherence to Singapore's WSH guidelines for respiratory protection equipment.
    • Extended SCBA Lifespan: Proper maintenance practices significantly extend the lifespan of your SCBAs, reducing replacement costs.
    • Convenience: We provide a one-stop shop for all your SCBA needs, streamlining the inspection, refill, and leak testing process.
    • Peace of Mind: Our detailed inspection reports, certifications, fresh air refills, and confirmation of leak-free tanks provide peace of mind knowing your workers have reliable breathing apparatus.

Contact us today to schedule your annual SCBA inspection and refill service with leak testing, ensuring your confined space workers have the life-saving equipment they need.

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