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Ultitec Protection 1000 (Type 5 & 6) Disposable Coverall - Body Protection - Safety Solutions Singapore


Ultitec Protection 1000 (Type 5 & 6) Disposable Coverall


  • Double layer PPSB improves fabric strength, tear and puncture resistance and make the coverall more durable.
  • Melt blown fabric laminated between the PPSB layers provides excellent particle barrier capabilities. The fabric filters resist 99.8% of particles of size 0.5-1 µm.
  • Passes EN1073-2 for protection against radioactive particulate contamination.
  • Fully elasticated hood, ankles and wrists, which maximize comfort and protection.
  • EN 1073-2 Certified
  • Asbestos Handling, Automotive, Civil Protection, Construction, Decorative Work, Waste Management.

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