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Scott Safety Proflow 2 SC 160 Powered Air Respirator and FH2 Full Flowhood

Scott Safety

Scott Safety Proflow 2 SC 160 Powered Air Respirator and FH2 Full Flowhood


Proflow 2 SC 160 is the latest addition to the wide range of Proflow powered air units offered by Scott Safety for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. Proflow 2 SC 160 represents the next generation of powered air respirators. Intelligent and easy to use the Proflow 2 SC 160 has a number of advanced refinements over the original Proflow concept.
Lightweight and compact Proflow SC’s ergonomic design incorporates a curved backplate, which ensures user comfort for long periods of use. An extensive choice of headtops meets the widest range of applications. Trusted benefits of Scott Safety Proflow with higher flow160l/min flowrate providing increased user comfort and reduced respiratory burden

PROFLOW 2 SC 160 Powered Air Respirator (SCO-2029808)

- Electronic control of the air supply maintains the comfortable airflow, automatically compensating for changes in filter resistance
- On board data logging records usage to provide reliable and downloadable maintenance information
- Comprehensive alarm system ensures operational safety
Continuous visible monitor of battery status and filter blockage with audible warning of need to recharge/replace the filters
- Extensive head top options to cover the widest range of applications
- Comprehensive choice of filters available, comprising PSL, APSL and ABEKPSL
    • EN12941 & 12942 (TH2/TH3/TM3)
    • Min 160 l/min, automatic adjustment airflow
    • Durable construction and heavy-duty materials ensure a long working life
    • Shower-proof casing for easy decontamination
    • No user calibration or servicing required, minimal maintenance
    • Lightweight NiMH battery with fast recharge
    • Integrated battery is safely enclosed within the casing, rechargeable in-situ


    FLOWHOOD FH2 Full Hood (SCO-467859)

    Scott Safety’s Flow hood 2 (FH2) is an ultra-lightweight headtop with a shoulder cape that provides neck and shoulder protection. An internal drawstring provides a snug fit. When worn with a powered air respirator, purified air fills the hood to give the wearer, safe, breathable air.

    The FH2 is approved for respiratory and face protection when used with DURAFLOW, SPIRIT, Tornado and Proflow powered air respirator systems


    Scott Safety EPDM Rubber Hose (SCO-064453)

    Scott Safety EPDM Rubber hose for use with connecting with FH1, FH2, FH21 head tops / face shields and Scott Safety Powered Air respirator.

    [ Proflow FC 160 DATA SHEET ] [ FH2 Full Hood DATA SHEET ]

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