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NLG 101363 360° D Ring Tool Thether


NLG 101363 360° D Ring Tool Thether


D Ring Tether Points form part of NLG's unique Instant Tether System™ for stopping dropped objects. The 360 D Ring Loop Tethers create an instant retro-fit attachment point for a tool lanyard to connect to. Retro-fit tool tethers allow you to tether your existing tool kit without buying new tools. The 360 D Ring Loop Tethers are fully certified and are designed to be cinched around the handle of the tool, creating a load rated tether point within seconds. The NLG 360 D Ring is perfect for tools with a captive handle such as hand saws or scissors, or tools with a captive hole such as an adjustable spanner. It allows the tethered tool to rotate freely and avoids the frustration of tangled lanyards. The 360 D Ring Loop Tethers are used in construction, utilities, nuclear power plants and power generation where they provide an economical and quick solution to keep tools safe when working at height. The 360 D Ring is designed for use with hand tools, up to 3KG in weight, and does not affect the safe use of the tool itself.
  • Pass the loop end through a captive hole or closed handle to create a tether point on your tool
  • High strength webbing and cord loop for increased wear and durability
  • 360° Swivel D Ring ensure that there is no snagging or tangling
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 25mm (Cord loop 130mm Long)
  • Load Rated, andThird Party certified with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Unique serial numbering for identification and tracking
  • CE Marked
  • Max Load: 3KG (6.6lbs)

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