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DPL Ketone Resistor Gloves


DPL Ketone Resistor Gloves


  •   Exceptional chemical protection against a wide range of ketones, ketone water mixtures, strong solvents and alcohols
  •   Lighter weight to offer high dexterity and sensitivity
  •   Can be used in high humid conditions and resistant to water splashes
  •   Anatomically shaped for comfort
  •   Free of latex allergy
  •   Proven anti-static properties
  •   Caution: Not recommended to use with water for prolong periods
  •   PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  •   ASTM D4679 of 2002
  •   EN ISO 374-5: 2016
  •   EN 1149-5: 2018

  •   Handling of ketones in laboratories
  •   Ink, paint and printing industries
  •   Manufacture of plastics
  •   Metal treatment using solvents
  •   Manufacturing of gums, resins and composite materials


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