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Bullard GVX2830 Airline Respirator for Blasting and Grinding


Bullard GVX2830 Airline Respirator for Blasting and Grinding


The GVX2830 Complete Airline Respirator from Bullard is the latest in blasting equipment, providing a complete solution to your grinding and blasting needs. The Complete GenVX2830 Series Respirator includes the newest GenVX blasting helmet from Bullard, which provides users with the industry’s lightest, coolest, most comfortable, and most dependable helmet on the market for abrasive blasting and painting. The GenVX helmet is coupled with a GVXPL Adjustable Flex-Gear® Ratchet Headband Suspension for better comfort during use and better shielding against impacts.

For the respirator component, a F30 Constant Flow control valve with a 1/4” Hansen-Compatible Industrial Interchange is used for better performance as well as a high-quality GenVX GVXBT breathing tube. Included is also the 28VX 28" Nylon Cape from Bullard, which is effective from shielding the user from components and debris during sanding and blasting work. The Bullard GVX2830 provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for all your blasting and grinding work needs.

For further information on the components of the GVX2830, refer to this catalog.

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