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Al-Gard Portable Stretcher Sheet with Buckle - Others - Safety Solutions Singapore


Al-Gard Portable Stretcher Sheet with Buckle


This portable foldable stretcher from Al-Gard is made of superior flexible fabric materials that are waterproof with a special high-strength PVC coating, and is designed to perform in emergency situations with a strengthened weave to allow for it to withstand the appropriate weight and load requirements, with a load bearing rating of 160 kg.

This stretcher features 6 handles for adequate support during transport, and the 3 included straps with buckles and clips allow for a secure and stable fit. It weighs 3kg on its own, making it  It has a unfolded size of 198×73cm, suitable for transporting most patients. 

When not in use, the stretcher can be easily tucked and kept away flexibly, allowing for easy storage in compartments and cabinets.

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