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Shop By Industry - Healthcare

Our curated selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) caters specifically to the demanding needs of the healthcare industry in Singapore. From hospitals to clinics and nursing homes, Safety Solutions Singapore prioritizes the safety of both patients and healthcare workers.

Find everything your team needs to deliver care with confidence:

  • Medical-grade gloves: Latex, nitrile, and vinyl options for various procedures and preventing the spread of pathogens.
  • Isolation gowns and coveralls: Level 2 and Level 3 for different levels of biocontainment needed during patient care.
  • Respirators: N95 masks and PAPRs for protection from airborne pathogens and infectious diseases.
  • Safety glasses and goggles: Protect eyes from splashes of bodily fluids and chemicals.
  • Face shields: Offer additional barrier protection for the face.