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ULTITEC 1800 Disposable Coveralls (TYPE 5/6)


ULTITEC 1800 Disposable Coveralls (TYPE 5/6)


ULTITEC 1800 Disposable Coveralls (TYPE 5/6) - Oil & Liquid Splash Resistant Protective Clothing
Designed as a barrier to liquid splash. It offers good liquid protection and breathability in general industry.

Proven protection of fabric performance against industrial chemicals
Act as a barrier against liquid penetration and repellency which meets EN 6530 standard.  
Breathable & Comfortable
High water-vapour transmission rate results in good breathability and soft texture ensures wearer’s comfort.  
Low Linting
Reduces risk of fibre contamination in workplace.

TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry Particle Suits-Suits for protection against hazardous dusts and any dry particles.
TYPE 6 EN 13034 reduced spray -suits which offer limited protection against a light spray of liquid chemicals.
EN 1073-2 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.
EN 1149-5 Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing with a surface resistance of maximum 2.5×10 exp 9 ohm.
EN 14126 Protective clothing can resist against biological hazards and infective agents.

Applications: Agriculture, Automotive, Biological Hazards, Cleaning Process, Construction, Chemical Plants, Food Industry, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Painting

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