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Bullard CAB Clean Air Box Breathing Air Filtration System - Respiratory Protection - Safety Solutions Singapore


Bullard CAB Clean Air Box Breathing Air Filtration System


Bullard CAB Clean Air Box Breathing Air Filtration System

Bullard Clean Air Box (CAB) offer superior breathing air filtration in a durable easy to use format. OSHA requires that emplolyers provide their workers wearing airline respirators with grade D breathing air. Bullard Clean Air Boxes provide 3-stage filteration and carbon (CO) monitoring to help meet this requirement.

Clean Air Box Three-Stage Filteration

Three stages of filteration remove oil, water, particulate, oil vapor and odors.

  • First Stage - The first filter element removes 95% of solid contaminants and bulk liquids from the breathing air, down to five microns, prolonging the life of the second and third stage elements.
  • Secnd Stage - This high efficiency filter element removes particulates and extremely fine oil mists down to .01microns. The maximun remaining oil content is <.01 ppm by weight. Includes automatic drain. Filter efficiency is 99.9998%.
  • Third Stage - This activated charcoal element removes unpleasant oil and hydrocarbon vapors and odors from the air.

Highlights :

  • Rugged construction : polycarbonate Pelican cases (portable units) and powder coated steel (wall mount units)
  • Auotmatic condensate drains extend filter element life
  • Independent regulators (optional)
  • Filter change indicators visually alert the operator to replace element
  • Replacement filters are compatible with other brands of filtration panels
  • Auto calibration takes less than 90 seconds with no tools
  • High intensity 90dB alarm ; remote capable with strobe
  • Self -contained, with 80+hours of operation on 8-AA batteries; 110VAC power cord also included


Bullard's Clean Air Box utilizes auto-calibration - one of our most valued features!


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