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AL-GARD Cone Mountable Retractable Barrier - Traffic Protection - Safety Solutions Singapore


AL-GARD Traffic Cone Mountable Topper Retractable Barrier


  • Bright yellow design for improved night visibility
  • 9m barrier ribbon
  • Yellow and Black striped barrier ribbon for good day and night time visibility
  • Mountable on most traffic cones
  • Manual locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  • Suitable for indoor uses such as:
    • Cordoning off dangerous areas during construction
    • Arranging safe walking paths to avoid hazards
    • Indicate special entry requirements (employee only areas, etc.)
  • Suitable for outdoor uses such as:
    • Parking space reservation
    • Indicating accident area
    • Creating a visible barrier for cars to avoid during road works
    • Indicating pot holes or uneven ground on road to warn drivers to avoid them

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