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How to select the right gloves for you

Gloves should protect your hands but should not hinder your work. If nothing else, that would be the sentence to remember when choosing the right pair of gloves. There is near infinite permutation of glove designs, materials and features.

For example the Al-Gard ALG-306KL (photo below) not only has the spark and abrasion resistance we have all come to expect from leather, it is also cut and contact heat resistant thanks to a kevlar liner. So how do you know if this is the right pair of gloves for you?

Let's go through the checklist.

  1. APPLICATION - Lay out the work that has to be done and the hazards associated with them. This is usually done by your safety officer by way of a risk analysis. Largely speaking, there are mechanical, chemical, biological, temperature and radioactive hazards. Luckily we have a quick reference chart of the associated EN test standards here.
  2. MINIMISE FEATURES - Choose the gloves that serve to protect from the identified hazards only. Do not be drawn in with talk of extra protective features you do not need. That way you not only minimise your cost, the glove will be less obstrusive to your work.
  3. COMPLIANCE - Make sure that the gloves have been tested for use in your situation. In Singapore, the SS safety standards are based on safety regulations worldwide with emphasis on EN (European) standards. Do not to be tempted by affordable gloves without certification claiming to do the same thing. They might, but is it really worth the risk? 
  4. WEAR THEM - You won't be able to pick the right gloves based on spec alone. Buy a few pairs and see how they feel. Look out for the size, comfort, level of protection or any other specific requirements you may have, then feedback to the sales consultant.

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